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Plumbing Services

Taps n Toots provide the complete range of plumbing services in Sydney. Our dedicated team of plumbers is available all days of the week. Servicing the Hills District region of Sydney and Upper North Shore including Hornsby, Dural and Cherrybrook, we are just a call/click away. All our plumbers in Sydney are fully licensed, professional and experienced. We take great pride in our workmanship and assure you of the highest standards of quality.

Blocked Sewers

If you are having problems with the sewer, we can help. Whether the sinks are slow to drain or there are gurgling noises in the toilet or you experience a foul smell in the toilet, we can fix all sorts of problems related to blocked sewers.

If your sewerage system is giving you trouble, the problem lies in the pipes. The most common causes of blocked drains include:

  • Something is trapped inside the pipe such as soap, hair, food scraps or grease.
  • Poor or old plumbing can result in collapsed pipes, which will lead to blocked sewers.
  • Leaves, tree roots and dirt have blocked the pipe beneath your home causing a flooding.

We will carry a thorough inspection to understand the problem and come up with an action plan. We will use a drain camera if the problem is difficult to locate. We will use hand eel, a plunger or a high-pressure jet to resolve the problem at the earliest.

The sooner you fix a blocked sewer, the less expensive and easier it is to fix. So lose no time, and get in touch with us right away to fix the blocked sewers in your property.

Bathroom Renovations

We’ve built stunning bathrooms that have improved the market value of homes. Bathroom renovation can help sell your home and at a good price too.

Good plumbing is at the heart of a good bathroom with a perfect blend of form and function. If you live in the Hills District region and are struggling with your small bathroom, we can provide sound advice to help build the bathroom of your dream.

When you are looking for bathroom renovations, think about your requirements. Currently, walk-in-showers are hugely popular and so are double sinks. You simply need to know what you want, what your space will accommodate, what sort of materials you require and your budget.

Over the years, we renovated all sorts of bathrooms. Our bathroom renovation services include:

  • Disconnecting the existing pipes and fixtures
  • Bathroom demolition and removal
  • Install bathroom fixtures and fittings
  • Relocation of drainage for toilets, showers, baths and basins

LPG Gas Fittings

Looking for a licensed gas plumber in Sydney? Taps n Toots can help.

Having a safe and secure gas connection is very important. When you want to steer clear of unwanted incidents, be sure to hire an expert gas plumber. Our gas plumbers are fully certified and trained in all kinds of gas solutions.

Whether you are looking for an outlet for your BBQ outdoors or want to go from electricity to gas, our plumbers are the experts for LPG gas fittings and repairs. Our gas services include:

  • New gas connections
  • Gas pipe fitting
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Gas meter upgrades
  • BBQ conversions
  • Bayonet points
  • Gas equipment repairs and servicing
  • Electricity to gas conversions

If there’s some trouble with your gas connection, avoid handling it yourself. That’s best left to the professionals. Get in touch with our gas plumbers today for high quality LPG gas fittings, repairs and servicing in Hills District and Upper North Shore.

Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen renovation can not only improve the value of your property but it also gives you the opportunity to create a space that is uniquely you. Our specialist plumbers will work with you to ensure your renovated kitchen looks stunningly perfect.

With years of experience in kitchen renovations, we can transform your kitchen no matter the size – big or small. We take great pride in our workmanship and will help you make the most of your space by paying attention to every little detail.

Whether you are looking to fix the mistakes made by your previous plumber or are looking for a complete kitchen renovation, our plumbers will get it right the first time. Our kitchen renovation services include:

  • Kitchen design
  • Product selection
  • Disconnecting old fixtures and pipes
  • Installation of bench tops and cabinetry
  • Installing/repositioning pipes, fixtures and drains
  • Installing appliances and fittings like sinks, dishwashers, taps, water filters and garbage disposals.

Leak Detection

Worried that you’ve got a water leak in your property? If you live in the Hills District or Upper Northshore, get in touch with Taps n Toots today. Our skilled plumbers rely on modern technology to detect and fix leaks efficiently, effectively and economically.

Leak detection is all about precision. In the bygone era, plumbers would knock off holes in walls to find a leak. Technology offers a smart and effective solution making leak detection easy and simple.

Our leak detection plumbers come equipped with the latest tools and skills to detect leaks in your home.

The most common equipment for leak detection today is the thermal camera. This camera identifies the differential in surface temperature and the temperature of leaking water to help with the detection. It can identify even the minutest difference in temperature to make leak detection a breeze.

Once we’ve detected the source of the leak, we will come up with a complete remediation plan to get your property back on track without any disruption.

Hot Water Services

When the hot water system in your home breaks down, trust Taps n Toots to repair it efficiently in no time. Whether you are looking to install a new hot water system, replace your existing system or repair one, we’ve got you covered.

There are several things to consider when you are looking to replace your existing hot water system. For instance, do you need gas, electric or solar hot water system? Which option would suit you the most? What size do you need? Sometimes, you may have to decide whether replacement is wise or repairing your hot water system is a better solution. Our plumbers can help you answer all such questions to help you make an informed decision.

Our plumbers are fully certified and have years of experience working with all makes and models of hot water systems including Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, Bosch, Aquamax, Thermann, Solahart and Everhot.

Your hot water replacement is in wonderful hands with Taps n Toots. Get in touch with us today!

House Renovations

Looking to renovate your house? Perhaps you want to add a new room to your house, or you want to extend your kitchen. Perhaps you are looking to add a kids’ room! No matter what your house renovation needs are, you need a reliable plumbing service.

We can work with your builder/trades or even manage the complete project to provide a turnkey solution. With hundreds of successful house renovations in Hills District and Upper North Shore, we assure you of high standards of workmanship.

Our house renovations service includes:

  • General plumbing
  • Sewer replacement
  • Gas line upgrades, renewals and extensions
  • Rainwater tank installations
  • Roofing installations
  • Kitchen and bathroom installations and repairs
  • And more

Whether you’re handing handling your house renovation project yourself or have a builder managing it, we will work with you to provide a high quality plumbing service. We assure you of a punctual, reliable, clean and professional service. Talk to us today for a free chat and quote.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can be a nightmare. If you hear tapping noises in the ceiling when it rains, you see signs of damp or you notice brown stains on the walls, these are signs that your roof has a leak.

Some common reasons for roof leaks include rust, faulty flashings, blocked gutters, broken roof tiles, loose roof sheets, damaged roof underlay and water accumulation around your chimney. A leaking ceiling pipe is another reason why your roof leaks.

With so many causes to consider, detecting the source of the roof leak can be quite a task. After all, the water can enter the roof from one spot but run through another before showing through your ceiling.

Our experienced plumbers in Hills District will detect the roof leak using state of the art equipment and provide a fix to put a stop to the problem. We get it right the first time to ensure you don’t have to worry about that leak anymore.

Contact Taps n Toots today for a free quote.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can soon turn into an expensive and complex problem. And no homeowner wants to be in that position.

Should you detect a burst pipe in your home, stay calm, compose yourself and take the following first steps:

  • Place a bucket beneath the burst pipe to collect the leaking water.
  • Turn off the heating and electricity at the mains.
  • Turn the stop tap off.
  • Turn all taps to drain your system.
  • Contact Taps n Toots.

We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing service to help you tackle situations just like this. We will handle the burst pipes problem in your Upper North Shore home right away.

Our specialist plumbers will bring the latest equipment to detect any underground bursts that aren’t easy to detect. We have the experience and the skills to replace the damaged pipes.

At Taps n Toots, we do not offer any quick-fix, temporary solutions. Our pipe replacements will last for years so you won’t have to tackle this situation of burst pipes again.

Gas Fittings

Gas work is not a task for DIYers. All gas work should be tested and certified by a licensed plumber. Avoid the risk of gas leakage or a potential fire hazard. Hire our plumbers in Upper Northshore and Hills District today.

Taps n Toots provide all sorts of gas fitting solutions including:

  • Stove or oven installation
  • Gas appliance replacement, repair or servicing
  • Gas conversion
  • New gas pipeline installation, repairs or maintenance
  • Gas safety checks
  • Gas heater installation
  • Emergency gas repairs
  • Gas leakage detection and repair

Our plumbers have undergone expensive training in all aspects of gas fitting and have years of hands-on experience in tackling all sorts of gas fittings. Whether you are relocating your gas service, installing a new gas meter or converting your BBQ from gas to natural gas, our plumbers can provide a professional, reliable and high quality service.

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